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Internet based email marketing system

  • where you are targeting the right audience
  • Marketing your existing business clients as well as other potential marketing opportunities
  • Taking advantage of business opportunities for the 21st century where you are in control.
  • Where we prepare an email marketer that will share your business strengths with your client base in a very personalised way
  • And this will give you an opportunity to increase sales and enlarge your business

How does Email marketing work?

  • We PREPARE THE EMAIL for you, uniquely tailoring it to your business - highlighting what you do and any special offers to be made to your clients/customers.
  • We can source potential client’s data base.
  • We can then arrange to send it to your clients and other businesses who may be interested in your product/ service
  • We can organise any graphic design that you would like to use for your emails with our in house designers.
  • And we can manage your emailer easily

  • Make it easy to manage and maintain large databases of subscribers;
  • Bounce Processing keeps your database clean of unused and non-existent addresses;
  • Advanced Bounce Processing lets you set the system to di
  • stinguish between permanent and temporary delivery errors (such as Out-of-office responses);
  • Use CSV (Excel) files to import your existing lists.

    Facts to think about

    A lot of businesses make the following mistakes

    • They have the best business enterprise but little follow up.
    • They have amazing products and an excellent service but they are unable to capitalise on sales.

    What’s in it for my business?

    • It can effectively
    • Increase customer engagement- so that customers will see the uniquely tailored offer increased sales.
    • It can improve your return on marketing investment.

    Won’t my web site do the same thing?

    Web Sites alone are not in themselves sufficient to capture the attention of your clients in order to meet your sales goals.

    The science of heuristics is based on the principles of how consumers make decisions, when looking for a product or a service.

    There are over 2000 usability heuristics – most businesses only use about 20.
    Let us show you how.

    Profile of an average client who visits your web site:

    How do clients think?

    • I am an important user of your product/service
    • I do not want to think
    • You had better cater for me
    So what’s so great about email marketing?

    Request Reviews Automatically

    Your Customer | Clients

    We will work to get reviews from your satisfied customers on your behalf. This is the simplest and most effective way to get reviews.

    All you have to do is use the marketing material we provide you and periodically provide us with a list of your customer and we will take it from there!

    You can Easily send great looking email messages to thousands of users: (or just a few)

    • Great for newsletters, publicity, notifications, event invitations
    • Personalise every message, with the user's real name, suburb or any other detail from your list;
    • Can handle a large volume of traffic
    • And also excellent for smaller lists too!
    • No duplicated messages. No subscriber will receive two copies (even if subscribed to more than one list);

    You can send important attachments and special messages easily

    • You can upload attachments to be included in every message;
    • PDF messages can be automatically created and sent as attachments- great for showing any new products
    • You can provide a URL of a web-page and our system will fetch it and send it

    Now it’s possible to know who opened your message, and who clicked the links:

    • View Tracking tells you how many users opened your message
    • Click tracking tracks clicks to links and URLs embedded in your message;
    • Individual user statistics tell you which emails any particular user has opened;

    Scheduled Sending

    • You can prepare your emails in advance, and then set a future date and time for them to be sent

    Australian Life on Line look forward to promoting your business - Give us a call- 1300812629

    There are over 2000 usability heuristics – most businesses only use about 20.
    Let us show you how.