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How many sales are you losing because you don't have a mobile website?
The latest data reveals that more than 70% of mobile users own a smart phone and this is growing daily.
Furthermore 70% of those surf the internet daily and use it to research business.

And any business is looking to capture this  market....

Behind Singapore, Australia has the highest smart phone penetration in the world.

About three out of four  websites are not enabled for smart phone use. Smart business owners taking advantage of this trend have a huge competitive advantage over their counterparts, by having a mobile web site set up.


Mobile Websites

Is your website mobile ready? Today up to 40% of a site’s total visitors are coming from mobile devices.

Over the past few years, Mobile web usage has considerably increased with some sites receiving half their traffic from smart phones and tablets. It’s a fact that today there’s more internet traffic from mobile phones alone than there was from the entire internet 10 years ago. There is actually 8x more.

 It has been predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015

Mobile web sites are optimized for viewing on the smaller screen, and when your customer comes to your site they are automatically presented with the a site that fits their device.

Mobile Web Enquiry

If you’re interested in having Australian Life on Line develop a Mobile Web Site for you please take a moment to fill in the FORM! We can design your site from scratch or work with what you currently have to improve your sites performance.


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